Pontiac remote keyless entry at far below dealer pricing. These are OEM remotes for your Pontiac. Buy a replacement remote, keyless entry for your Pontiac car.

Did you lose your Pontiac keyless entry remote control?

Don't pay high dealer prices to replace your Pontiac remote, buy them on eBay instead!!!

I lost my keyless entry remote to my Pontiac and the Pontiac dealership wanted to charge me a LOT of money to replace it! Over $200.00!

If you've lost your Pontiac keyless entry remote control, or if you just want a spare, that's gonna hurt!

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My name is Deb Houghton and I recently bought a TSX and it only came with one Pontiac remote. I knew getting a spare Pontiac keyless entry was going to be expensive, but I figured as long as they didn't charge me more than $50.00 I wouldn't complain too much. hahaha!

Well, was I in for a huge shock! My local Pontiac dealership wanted $175.00 for a spare Pontiac remote (programmed). I knew there must be some alternative source for these Pontiac parts, and I found it! Yes, I have links to OEM Pontiac remotes for your Pontiac!

If you are in the US, UK Pontiacs, Canada Pontiacs or Australia Pontiacs, chances are, I can help you find a replacement or spare Pontiac keyless entry remote.

I know that Pontiac owners are not stupid people just dying to throw money away (use all the extra money I am going to save you and buy gas with it!) so, being a web designer, I figured if I build it (this website) they will come!

I sincerely hope you are happy you found this website and that I have saved you money! If so, please tell all your Pontiac driving friends!

Many of the Pontiac keyless entry remotes can be programmed by you. Some of them can not. And some Pontiac owners may not even want to mess with it at all. Either way, I went to the Pontiac dealership with my newly acquired Pontiac remote and they charged me $57.50 to reprogram it. This obviously means that they are essentially charging YOU nearly $200.00 just for the Pontiac remote itself!

By the way, do not ever lose your Pontiac car key. It is more painful than losing your Pontiac remote! I am currently working on a solution for this problem too:)

Pontiac cars are the best cars for the money. I love my Pontiac TSX! Don't pay high dealer prices to replace your Pontiac remote, buy them on eBay instead!!!


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